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The Super-Frenemies! is a relationship-building game for two players, about how the most important people in your life aren't always who you think. One of you plays a super-spy or super-hero. The other plays a super-villain.

You've been rivals for a long while. Now one of you has captured the other. (Haven't you done this dance a hundred times before?)

But instead of torturing, interrogating, or sending you to the authorities, they're keeping you prisoner.

Why, and for how long? What do they want? Who exactly are you, to each other? Play, and find out.

This game is inspired by the following music video.

(While the idea for The Super-Frenemies! started with the queer spy romance you may have just watched, you can play the game in a variety of ways.)

This game is based on For the Queen by Alex Roberts. It's my second Descended From the Queen game, after The Monsters' Tea Party. It's also my first game written specifically for the StorySynth engine, thanks to a generous micro-grant from Grant For the Web.

For the Queen™ is a trademark of Alex Roberts. The Descended From the Queen Logo is © Alex Roberts, and is used with permission.


The Super-Frenemies on StorySynth

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