Alchemical Gaming

A sex-education game about speed dating between people and birth control
A solo journaling horror RPG. Being a psychic seemed cool, but it’s more than you can handle.
A freeform larp about what non-binary means, and how it sometimes feels
a two-person freeform larp with prompt cards, about a Fae's duel with a Vampire. Competitive or cooperative.
a short freeform larp about personal role models, for 4 or more players
A storytelling game about animal spirits, for 3-10 players
a mostly nonverbal, arts-and-crafts based larp about dangerous plants, for 5 to 10 people
a two-hour freeform committee larp about gods making important decisions, for 4-12 players
a freeform dinner larp about the surrealness of family, for 4-10 players
an arts-and-crafts based relationship building larp, for five or more players

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